Depents on the newest „Michel Spezial Katalog“ (The greatest german catalogue about stamps). As serious seller it is difficult to charge a fair price. There are many fact to consider. (please see also my remarks at “accurate and false”)

However I have accomplished prices lower then 70 % of the Michel value of each stamp. Only by some older or rare articles I need to charge a exclusive price:

1. Some older or rare stamps, varieties or envelopes (you will find more informations at “Michel-Catalogue and his pricing”)

2. The newest stamps in the majority of cases will regular priced well below 1,00 Euro. Considering costs of storage, administration an so on it’s uneconomical to sell these stamps at Michel price.

Most of stamps beyond 30,00 US $ will send to a stamp inspector of BPP (The german philatelistic inspectors organisation) before they will offered at my shop. So you and I can be sure to get faultless stams.

(Further informations you’ll find at “Michel-Catalogue and his pricing”)

One disadvantage of this controlling procedure is the different period the inspector needs to check the stamps. (at my last order Dr. Oechsner needs five month to check up one stamp!). So it is possible that certain stamps will have sometime unusuak delivery times. Generaly I endeavor an adequate stock but it’s not always possible.

To specify this problem you have to now: Mr.Schlegel (inspector for the areas of Germany, Berlin, “Allied Zones of Germany after the second world war” and – regular check period ist 5 – 8 weeks) only check stamps of “Deutsches Reich/NAZI-Deutschland” with minimal value of 70,00 US $ Michel price. So I am depend on Dr, Oechsner to controll lower valued stamps of this period.

Because of a lot of offered falsifications, damaged or fudged gum at different sellers or online auctions I think it is necessary and on your interest to check this articles.

As you can see there is a great effort to send you really accurate and faultless stamps. I believe this high quality standart will be worth its price.


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